First timer Anita Fontana

November 22nd, 2014

This is Anita Fontana’s first time being featured on our site, so welcome her. She is a stunning blonde shemale from Brazil who is built perfectly in all the right places. Just take one look at those amazing big tits, her plump round ass and that tranny cock, it will be love at first sight!


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Big Black Cock Shemale Fucking

November 21st, 2014

Hung black Brazilian shemale Isabel Sottani is in action today unleashing her big black cock on a guy. Watch as this mega cock black tranny crams her cock deep down his throat and tests the limits of his tight ass. This guy won’t be sitting down for at least a week!

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Audit Her Cock: Seducing the IRS

November 20th, 2014

Kendra is asked to sit with the State auditor for a quarterly tax review and she can not help but fuck with the seemingly update bureaucrat. The scene being filmed next door is no coincidence and Amber has to listen to people fucking while looking right into Kendra’s seducing eyes. It’s takes little time for Kendra to get the auditor worked up and spilling her deepest fantasies.
Kendra pulls Amber up on to the table and starts eating her pussy before Amber even has a second to realize what is happening. Her conservative skirt comes off and Kendra is in control.

When it comes time for Kendra’s panties to come down, Amber gets a nice surprise as Kendra’s hard cock nearly hits her in the face. Now the day is going to be entirely different – Amber gives over her pussy and ass to Kendra who fucks her balls deep and ram rod hard until they both cum.


California Start Up Hires a Pro Dom for Team Building: Wha?

November 19th, 2014

All the big guns are in San Francisco – Twitter, Google, FaceBook, Square, AirBnB and so on. The start up culture has once again stormed the city and every company is eager for the hot new talent to fill its ranks.
Company perks have gone far and beyond 401K matching and massage chairs. The competition to impress new hires is reaching a fever pitch.
Smooch Co. is currently in the lead with it’s wacky friday incentives like “dunk-the-boss” dunk tanks and celebrity book signings. This week, they have hired a professional Dominatrix to come in and teach the staff how to improve their sex lives. How progressive! How edgy!

Jaquelin is making money hand over crop doing the start-up company circuit but she truly has had enough of listening to cocky guys brag about their bedroom skills. She decides to take advantage of John – the newest hire at Smooch – and actually do a session with him. John thinks everyone has been spanked and that getting his cock was okay because Jaquelin said to do it.
By the time his co-worker finds him in the break room, John has been fucked in the ass by her cock (oh ya, she has a real cock), slapped, tied up, mouth fucked and came all over. Jaquelin doesn’t mind this dot com boom at all and she will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

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Irresistible blonde tranny babe Duda Gaucha

November 17th, 2014

Today is a special day, we’re featuring the irresistible blonde tranny babe Duda Gaucha. This sexy tranny has it all, feminine curves, ample breasts, long legs and an amazing cock. Watch this beauty put on a slow striptease that will blow your mind and have you begging for more!

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Big cock shemale Nathalia Silva fucking a guy

November 16th, 2014

Hung Brazilian shemale Nathalia Silva is topping a guy bareback style today. Watch as she makes this straight guy her bitch by cramming her cock down his throat and stuffing it deep up his ass all natural with no condom. She never even takes her pink high heels off, super HOT!

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Hung Black Brazilian Tgirl Fucking

November 15th, 2014

Hung black tgirl Daphynne Duarth is in hardcore action today, unleashing the power of her big dick on a straight guy. Watch as this big cock shemale crams her dick deep down his throat and stretch the limits of his tight ass. Pleasure and pain is what he wanted!

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Surprise Guest

November 14th, 2014

What is the key to happiness? A lot of guys at work ask me why I’m always smiling and seem so cheerful, and I tell them straight, I enjoy my work, I have a nice home and I have a nice wife, and that’s the truth, only I don’t tell them one key detail.. I also have a secret hung tranny mistress who treats me like a worthless slave! One evening my wife and I were sitting down about to enjoy a nice meal when I heard a loud knock at the door. I answered it to find my shemale mistress standing there in a slutty pair of short shorts and skimpy top which could barely contain her huge melon breast. Before I could hurry her away my wife was stood behind me, and assuming she was a work colleague, she invited her in to eat with us! As my wife went to the kitchen to serve some more food for our guest, I dropped to my knees and begged my mistress to leave before my wife came back, but instead she grabbed the back of my head and withdrew her cock, forcing it into my mouth. As soon as I had that huge tranny meat in my throat I forgot where I was and began gagging on her cock with pleasure. When my wife returned to find me gobbling away between the thick thighs of this monster shemale she was obviously in total shock, yet before she could give any real reaction the tranny mistress told her that I was her cock slave and the she should be proud to have such an obedient slave. I was expecting my wife o totally freak out but she seemed to agree! My mistress handed my wife something and told her to put it on, but I couldn’t make out what it was as I continued to get throat fucked. Out the corner of my eye I could see m wife stripping down and then she slid on a huge strapon dildo! As I continued to eat away at my mistresses cock my wife forced the huge sex toy deep into my anus, and soon began pounding away at my raw, unlubed hole. My mistress was yelling at her to fuck me harder and harder and that’s just what she did! I have to admit it was the hottest moment of my life, I was in totally ecstasy and I didn’t want it to end. After some time my wife removed the dildo and let me eat her pussy, I was relieved to give my butt hole a rest, but it didn’t last long, whilst I was eating out my wife my mistress suddenly rammed her dick deep inside me and the fucking continued!

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Helping the nurses

November 13th, 2014
Starring: Flavia Ferraz
Story: Erik Gaucho loves to help the nurses especially Flavia. He helps her with all she has to do in the hospital, and otherwise too – when she has a moment to herself, Erik is there on his knees – blowing this tranny nurse like there’s no tomorrow. He loves how her package hides under her skirt but comes out for him in a snap!

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Space, The Final Frontier For Fucking – Venus Lux and Gia DiMarco

November 12th, 2014 presents a fantasy sci-fi shoot starting TS Venus Luxx and All American Hottie, Gia DiMarco.

Venus is the queen of quadrant 646. She gets everything she wants and today she wants a hot, little American girl from the lower ranks. The powerful Queen has her cock throbbing against her royal clothes just waiting for Gia to get it wet with her squirting pussy. A river of wet orgasms soaks the ship’s floor before Venus slips her cock into Gia’s pussy for rough, hot sex in bondage that leaves both girls spent.