Cowabunga an Awesome Orgy!

April 17th, 2014

April and Leonardo had been fuck buddies for a long time, and all of the other Ninja Turtles ne about their crazy sex sessions together so there was little shock or surprise when Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello all walked into the den to find the two of them at it like horny, passionate rabbits. However, rather than order his brother’s to leave he told them to line up against the wall, bend over and spread their asses and seeing as they always did what Leonardo asked, they did just that. April’s face lit up as Leonardo joined them, and she could see the four tight assholes spread in front of here. First she dropped to her knees and began licking their tight turtle butt holes out, one by one, fingering the next one in preparation as she buried her tonight deep between their cheeks. Then came fuck time and she chose to start with Raphael, slowly fucking him as he whimpered and moaned in pleasure. Then it was Michelangelo/s turn to take her cock and she fucked him nice and deep, as he also moaned and groan in pleasure, loving every second. Donatello was blushing and April could tell he was nervous so she was kind and slowly as she pushed her cock into his ass. She fucked him in a loving way and Donatello soon calmed down and began enjoying her cock huge tranny cock inside him. Last but not least was Leonardo and he made sure to show the other turtles just how to ride shemale cock, hard and fast! After all the fucking the turtles took turns sucking April’s cock as they jerked off, and when April and the turtles all came, the spunk flew everywhere, everyone seemed to get a drenching. After they had emptied their balls they relaxed the only way they knew how, by eating so delicious pizza.

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Ivory on Ebony Anal

April 14th, 2014

These two horny shemales couldn’t wait to get their hands and shecocks on each other. Alessandra and Kawana take turns sucking each others girl poles taking those rods as deep down their throats as they can. All that mouth teasing gets these t-girls ready for some serious ass fucking. They ride each others chick dicks and let the other pump their ass full of female shaft in every position they can come up with until they are squirting their creamy loads on each other.

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The Champagne Room – Her Hard Cock Touches the Dancer

April 13th, 2014

The connection between Eva and Juliette is electric from across the room. When Juliette leans down to give Eva a sexy lap dancer, her cock is already hard and pressing against Juliette’s ass. Juliette wants Eva’s cock in her mouth so badly and her pussy is dripping wet at the thought of Eva slipping inside her holes.
Eva does not disappoint. She tops Juliette,fucking her in doggie, missionary and pile driver before cumming a hot load on her face.
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Big cock fills her ass

April 12th, 2014

Here are two hot and horny babes that any guy would want to spend time with But they pack some big cocks under those short skirts and right now they’re going to ass fuck their brains out. Watch this hard and dirty shemale fuck fest and see how nasty two babes can get.

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Cover Up

April 11th, 2014


As for the plot: A handsome young man meets a stunning young woman at a nightclub. She’s gorgeous, has amazing breasts, and long blonde hair. She’s wearing a tight black latex dress, with matching long black latex gloves and black latex thigh-high boots, making her look extremely sexy. They go back to her apartment, where they start to fool around. Suddently, she handcuffs him to the headboard of the bed, before pulling out a strapon complete with straps, and a hard black plastic penis and fake balls, showing it to him. He’s wary, but aggrees to let her use it on him. She then moves out of sight, behind a nearby changing screen, where he can’t see her. She throws away the strapon, and pulls out her large, erect cock. She removes her latex dress, but keeps her boots and gloves on. She then takes what looks like another strapon, but this one has a hollow piece of shiny black material instead of the hard plastic penis of the first one. She pulls the material on, over her cock and balls, and ties the straps of the strapon around her hips. She now looks like a woman wearing a strapon, instead of a shemale. She has a devious expression on her face. She goes back to her trapped lover, and proceeds to fuck him in every position she can think of. The whole time, he has no idea that’s she’s a shemale, and thinks she’s a normal woman using a strapon. That is, until the final panel, where she cums violently over him, leaving him with a shocked and terrified expression as he realizes the truth.

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TS La Cherry Spice and Isis Love tag teem their little slut boy

April 10th, 2014

THE LIVE SHOOT, Starring La Cherry Spice with Little Billy, Isis Love.

This is an edited version of our first live shoot. La Cherry Spice and Isis Love played out all your fantasies as they were being requested. For those of you who missed it ENJOY.

Karma is a Bitch

April 9th, 2014

Mr Marcus is a mean, lean fucking machine, and the most in demand black porn star in the biz. Over the years he developed a reputation for being a little too rough with the girls, his cock is so big and meaty, the man just loved to destroy pussy.. One day, during a hardcore porn shoot the director asked Marcus to try something a little different and looking over at the company waiting for him, Marcus happily agree. On the set there were two, tall, athletic and girls, so tight and busty they looked like live characters from an anime, Marcus couldn’t believe his luck, and moreover, he couldn’t wait to get his big black monster inside them, stretching their pussies until they cried. With the cameras rolling, Marcus walked onto the set like he owned the place, strutting confidently towards the girls and then ripping their panties down, only to find himself starring at two massive, horse hung shemale cocks.. Marcus was stunned and confused, but ever the professional he tried to continue. As Marcus began reaching for their asses,, he hands were constantly slapped away and the trannies took control, stripping Marcus naked and playing with his tight virgin butthole. Soon enough he was totally over-powered and spit roasted by the massive meaty weapons. He’d never sucked or taken a dick before but now he was being completely dominated by ladyboy cock, as they berated and humiliated him, calling him their “whore” and a “two holed slut” as they pounded away at his holes. As his final punishment they both fucked Marcus at the same time, and he cried in pain as they double penetrated his red raw hole. Finally Marcus shot his cum, trembling in orgasm as they continued to pummel him. Now it was time for the money shot but this was the first time Marcus would be on the receiving end, taking two huge loads of warm tranny jism to the face.

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The Perfect Woman

April 8th, 2014

Martin has worked his entire career on a groundbreaking project – to create the perfect woman. Finally, finally he has done it. Yasmin lies helpless, bound in tight latex straps to the table. Martin decides now it is the time to test his creation. Yasmin plays along as the man shove his cock in her mouth and even lets him fuck her thinking that he is in control. Silly man. Yasmin grabs the doctor, tosses him on the bed and has her way with him. She uses a mouth spreading gag to hold his mouth open while she face fucks him and uses his ass to milk her beautiful thick cock. Yasmin spreads wide in the stir-ups on the medical table and commands Martin to fuck her exactly how she likes it and the chemistry between these two is so hot as Martin drips sweats trying to fuck as well as Yasmin has fucked him. Both cum from the hot sex and finish spent. Martin did created the perfect woman – Yasmin Lee.

Locker Room Workout

April 7th, 2014

Wow was I in for a surprise when the girls locker room was locked, so Ii decided to start stretching in the guys locker room until a fit guy came in and started to undress, I could not help but look (of course) you could tell we both wanted each other and he gave me one hell of a workout ;)

Hotkiss Boarding School

April 6th, 2014

This set of 3D porn cartoons continues the saga of the «Hotkiss boarding school», and this time Tanya – the student who recently arrived – gets to hear the story of another roommate of hers, Jenny. Before everything happened Jenny was quite a timid girl, who nevertheless enjoyed having fun with her girlfriends and didn’t care too much about her studies. One night when she thought no one would bother her she went to the library to get ready for a serious exam. Suddenly, the door opened and there was Ms. Lewis – their librarian, a very strict and incredibly hot woman wearing the sexiest outfit ever. She seemed pretty pissed to see someone in the library so late, but then her anger suddenly transformed into a different feeling – lust… [read more]