Big ass shemale Pamela Carvalho

March 5th, 2015

Today we’re featuring the sensational shemale Pamela Carvalho. Watch as this big cock shemale from Brazil slowly strips and plays with her big cock until it unleashes a gooey load. Pamela Carvalho is a very famous shemale and once you see this update, you’ll know why!


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March 4th, 2015

Brenda Von Tease debuts with Bella Rossi in her first ever porn that is full of sexy chemistry and hard cock fucking!

Brenda and Bella sneak into their boss’s office late at night to snoop through his desk and sit in his expensive leather chair. When Bella finds the rope and a ball gag, Brenda’s face lights up and the innocent snooping leads to Bella being tied to the desk, her nylons ripped open and her pussy being licked and finger banged.

The naughty interns become frantic with the possibility of cumming in the boss’s office and Brenda can barely contain her growing hard-on that is pressing against her own panties. When her cock burst out, Bella is eager for her to shove it in her pussy and Brenda does not disappoint! They fuck all over the office, with Brenda dominating Bella and using her hot body in all kinds of sexy positions. Bella shows off her perfect tits and ass and her incredible cock sucking skills. These two are made for each!


Smoking hot Brazilian bareback sex

March 3rd, 2015

This is our first time featuring Brazilian shemale babe Shayanne Rayones and we decided to start her off with a bang. Watch as this thick booty shemale gets her throat and ass destroyed bareback style. The action is intense and all natural condom free.

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New Years Resolution – Shag as Hard as Vaniity!

March 2nd, 2015

Vaniity is back and ohhhh, look at her shag! She takes Ingrid for a ride of a lifetime as she plows her into the bed, making her cum and getting her own load worked up into a big, explosive wad.

Vaniity met Ingrid at a party and the chemistry is incredible as these two can’t get their clothes off fast enough. Ingrid goes for wet to a slip and slide ride as Vaniity fucks her with no mercy. Super hot sex and a great cum shot finish from our Queen Vaniity.

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Let’s Get Physical

March 1st, 2015

I recently joined a new workout group, I was getting tired of the guys in my old class starring and ogling my huge bubble butt and secret cock bulge whilst I tried to concentrate on keeping fit! So now I’ve joined an all girl class and yet things have gotten even worse. Instead of guys undressing me with their eyes I now have a group of horny lycra clad girls watching me work my butt. Things took a very wild turn when I saw one of the girls in the class clearly starring at my bum all session, and mostly with her tongue hanging out. TO make mattersd worse I noticed a huge cock like bugle in her skin tight panties! Looking around the class she wasn’t the only one, I was surrounded by hot blooded transsexuals and I too soon had a hard sausage on. Before I knew it all hell had let loose and our innocent work-out class had broken into a full-on shemale orgy. Hard cock was waving around everywhere, I’ve never seen so many hung trannies in lycra before, all with a stiffy, sucking, fingering and ass banging everyone and each other. I no longer felt like I was being starred at or ogled, I was doing so much people watching myself, not to mention getting fucked to the beat of the high tempo music. Not only was I getting close to a huge orgasm but this was the best workout I’d had in ages! is your favorite things combined, horny trannies and great toons!

New Ts Talent, Nina Lawless fucks, licks and dominates Daisy Ducati!

February 28th, 2015

Is it still called scissoring when there is a cock involved?!

Nina Lawless makes her debut on and she is hard before her panties come off! And Daisy is MORE than okay with this – she takes a hard, fast pounding from behind and deep throats Nina’s cock all the way to the balls over and over again. And the scissoring is fucking hot to watch. It’s easy to understand why Nina pops a huge load up Daisy back for the grand finale!
Nina may be quiet but her cock does the talking for her as she owns Daisy’s pussy


Revenge Fuck: Venus Kills Jealousy w/Her Cock & Her Ex-BF’s Tight Hole

February 27th, 2015

There comes a time in every break-up where you just have to move on. But sometimes moving on means one last fuck. Venus lays down the law and then lays down the pipe on her ex-boyfriend’s ass in steamy revenge fuck that is full of kissing, hardcore ass pounding, and blowing.
After today, after she fucks him with her hard cock, she will never feel a thing when she see him at a party with is new girlfriend, her old best friend. Jealous is unpredictable, but revenge is meditated and oh, so, healing.
What starts out as passionate steamy sex ends with Venus cumming a mother load on her ex-boyfriend’s face.

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Karol Kovalick in wild bareback action

February 26th, 2015

Today we have hung blonde shemale babe Karol Kovalick in wild bareback action. Watch as this feminine blonde shemale shows off her big thick cock before getting her tight ass fucked raw. Karol is a super sexy tranny that loves fucking and you will love watching her get fucked!


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Wolves on the Prowl

February 25th, 2015

It might not be Halloween, but there’s always something lurking in the dark around these hallowed parts.. There was a handsome young man called Jake, who was running late for his date. When his car broke down, Jake found himself miles from his hot date, with time running out and no signal on his cell phone, he decided to take a shortcut through the dark, eerie woods. Yes, it was creepy and spooky, as you can imagine, and every rustling bush or shaking branch sent a nervous shiver down Jake’s spine, but he hadn’t got laid in ages, and tonight’s date was set to be a sure thing, as long as he could get there! Hiking his way through the forest Jake began to feel someone was following him, and occasionally he would hear a hungry growl, but no matter which way he turned he couldn’t see a soul. Jake was wrong, someone wasn’t following him, a whole pack were! The horniest hound-dog wolf pack you could imagine, were slowly creeping up on Jake, ready to pounce at any moment.. And then they made their move, pinning the stunned stud to the ground, and tearing the clothes from his body with their sharp teeth and claws. Jake soon realised what he was up against, these weren’t a pack of wolves, not even a pack of regular run of the mill werewolves, but a hung, ass hungry pack of tranny werewolves, and they hadn’t fucked anything this sweet and young for a long time. There were 3 of them in total, and Jake found himself forced to his knee, with all 3 shemale schlongs stood to attention, as they fought over who he would suck first. Jake had never sucked cock before, but the feeling of sucking huge tranny werewolf cock had him confused; he kept telling himself how horrible and traumatic this was, but he couldn’t stop himself from getting a huge boner. They were soon fucking him, tag teaming him doggy style, penetrating his tight ass over and over, with a cock never far from the back of his throat. Jake was enjoying it so much that the werewolves decided to teach him a lesson, and change him into a hot busty werewolf tranny babe, which only added to his excitement, especially as they drench him in sticky spunk.. Jake never did make it to his date that night, he never even made it home again. He wasn’t eaten, or killed, or kept prisoner, Jake just decided this was home now, and he would happily forever be the bitch of these horny shemale dogs..

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Jessica Host – the chapel part 2.

February 24th, 2015

After seducing and revenge fucking the groom to get back at her best friend, Jessica Host celebrates with the best man. Martin is a good, clean cut straight guy from the Bronx. After a sexual tense slow dance, he decided to get fresh with Jessica thinking what all guys do at weddings – who am I going to fuck? Jessica lets Martin be the man, asking her to dance, getting her a drink and once his advancements led to more serious fondling, she sneaks him back into the chapel back room. Martin undresses her, grabs Jessica’s ass and even feels like he is in control while she is sucking him off, even after she ties his hands up, convincing him to let go a little, to let her have some fun… What could happen? Watch and find out as this ass virgin gets what he thought he was going to be giving.
If you missed part 1 of  “Going to the Chapel” – be sure to go back and watch that seduction with Jessica and yet another fine, new man.