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July 18th, 2014

Naomy looks fantastic in her super short daisy dukes. She knows how hot she looks and takes her time stripping to show off her huge black cock. She grabs that big slab of meat and jerks it until it explodes a geyser of thick tgirl cream all over her hands and legs.

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Special Girl: The Peach

July 17th, 2014

Special girl was working undercover as a maid, ready to make her move and arrest ‘The Peach’. The Peach was a major pimp player and hustler who was starting to make big moves in the bad guy game, it was time to bring him down and stop his game and this special girl was just the right person to stop him. Knowing of Peaches nympho sex addiction the plan they had a cunning plan.. Once she received the go ahead, special girl slipped into the tub waiting for ‘The Peach’ to come for his bath. When he entered she yelled surprise to the startled gangster. But the surprise wasn’t the naked chick in his bed, the surprise was the reason she was such a special girl, her 12 inch monster cock, which hung low between her thighs.. The peach couldn’t help himself and immediately stripped off and lay with his mouth open, ready to service the meaty weapon which was heading towards his lips. ‘The Peach’ wasn’t just a notorious gangster, he also turned out to be a notoriously good cock sucker, sucking special girls special tool like he was sucking the meat of a chicken wing. Once special girl was horny enough, she lubed up his ass and got to work on pounding him senseless. ‘The Peach’ was pant, moaning and groaning, loving every salivating, ass busting minute of his butt banging, and just when he was at his most vulnerable, laying naked and exhausted with an ass full of spunk special girl planted the cuffs and called in for backup!

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July 16th, 2014

Sexy slim and petite young tgirl beauty Gabriella Andrade is in sizzling hot bareback action today. Watch as Yago stuffs her mouth and ass full with his big cock. Once he thinks she deserves to go, he reaches around while fucking her ass and jacks her off.


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July 15th, 2014

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July 14th, 2014

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The Glory Hole

July 13th, 2014

It was a novel idea, to combat all the oversexed guys in town the government had set up glory hole boxes where you pay 20 bucks, insert your cock and get sucked off by a hot chick. You can’t touch the girl, just watch her sucking through the glass wall. It was working, sex crime was down and moral was up, I just couldn’t work out how they got such hot chicks to work for so little money! I was constantly imagining my schlong finally sliding between the moist lips of a young hot babe. I scraped together all the money I could find, which was just enough, and headed out to find my slut in a box! I pushed the money through and she smiled. She was friendly and made me feel relaxed straight away, as she told me to take out my cock and slide it through the hole. She gave me the best blow job of my life, it was worth all the money and so much more. I came quickly and after she’d swallowed my entire load, I did up my pants and walked away. But only as far as the street corner. I’d fallen in love, completely obsessed by this girl. I sat there all day watching her sucking off guy after guy, still hungry for more, until finally her shift ended and she left the box and headed away. I followed her down the alley and I guess she heard me, she turned around and we were face to face. Without speaking I instinctively began kissing her. This seriously pissed her off as she grabbed my hands and had me in a lock! She then managed to lock my hands behind my back and slid down my pants! Before I could work out what was going on I heard her sliding down her own panties behind me, and that’s when I felt her cock pushing against my ass hole, trying to force entry! Oh my God, she’s a shemale! Now it all makes sense. After sucking cock all day this horny tranny finally wanted her own cock serviced, and she fucked my face and virgin ass with all her frustration and might, showering my face in spunk as a smiled!

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July 12th, 2014

You will get a sexy helping of chocolate and vanilla with this shemale twosome. Anarah and Adryella are both horny t-girls that love sucking shecock as much as they love getting their own sucked on. They get playful undressing each other and fondling the other’s fem dicks. But things between these two heat up real quick and they get serious about getting mouths on those shemeats and fucking each other in their tight back doors until they are hard, throbbing and ready to blow their cream loads.

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July 11th, 2014

Venus is the PR manager for a rookie professional athlete that can NOT keep his fool mouth shut. She’s tried everything – coaching, an ear piece to whisper answers, role play, everything and he still can not get it right with the press.
Since his mouth isn’t working for PR, she figures it may as well work the the PR manager. She seduces him, getting him all riled up and horny. Showing him how to lick her ass and then, showing him how to suck her hard cock. He’s eyes grow wide but his cock stiffens – she knows he wants it and she guides him through the ass fucking like a rookie at spring training!

She even lets him fuck her ass – a RARE switch scene moment for Venus. All the slow, steady sex has built up Venus’ load to a dangerously high amount and while fucking him bent over the couch, she explodes in his ass – you can see her cock throbbing out every thick ounce of cum her hard shaft can funnel into his asshole. When she pulls out her cum squirts and leaks out of his ass for several seconds! This is the hottest anal cream pie ever seen on TsSeduction – we forgive you for fast forwarding over the hot sex to watch the pop shot.

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Bat Lair Lust

July 10th, 2014

Jumping teen trannies, Batgirl! Robin was back in the bat cave checking out some new weapons when Batgirl walked in on him. Robin had a strange anal probe in his hands, which hadn’t gone unnoticed by the mask tranny heroine. Being a playful soul, and knowing Robin’s homophobic and yet camp tendencies, she took the opportunity to be suggestive and tease young Robin about his new found phallic toy. Robin was easily annoyed and made shy, but the streets of Gotham were quiet and Batgirl was in a restless playful mood, so she continued to tease teeny Robin and flashed her huge Batgirl boobs at him. Even Robin has a horny point of no return, and he was finding it hard to resist Batgirl’s inviting curves, so no sooner had she unleashed her biggest weapon of all Robin was down on his knees getting his tights dirty, sucking on her swollen tranny cock head. Despite Robin’s willingness to please batgirl, and his excellent deepthroat oral skills, Batgirl liked to show off her superior strength and she span Robin around, put him into a lock and force fucked his smooth pale behind, making him wince and moan with every deep, ass splitting stroke. Finally batgirl couldn’t hold back any longer and she withdrew her bare cock from Robin’s pulsating stretched ass, and forced it into his mouth for him to suck up every last drop.. Like every good partnership, Batgirl always knew about ‘give and take’, and she dropped to her knees to milk Robin’s teen cock all over her large juicy breasts.

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July 9th, 2014


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