Hot blonde tranny Viviane Rios gets barebacked

April 23rd, 2014

The stunning blonde shemale superstar Viviane Rios is in action today and of course it’s bareback. The action is hot in this scene as Viviane sucks cock and gets her tight tranny ass barebacked hard until this dude unloads in it. This is the way hardcore was meant to be!

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A Picture’s Worth 1000 Strokes

April 22nd, 2014


While she was sitting there studying, this hot chick heard a knock at the door, with the mailman on the other side ready to deliver an urgent package for her. When she opened it, she was given the shock of a lifetime; every picture contained her own boyfriend of 2 years sucking off trannies and getting fucked in the ass by them! She couldn’t believe it; she had been saving herself for him, and all he was doing was fucking shemales around town! If he had waited for her like he said he would, he would have realized that his own girlfriend was a hung shemale too! That would have been the fantasy he always wanted! But instead of being mad, the pictures of him getting pounded in the ass made her rock hard, so she stripped her clothes off and started stroking her meat to the sight of all the scattered porn pictures around her. She thought about the hard fucking she was going to give him the next time she saw him, and that made her cum shoot all over her big tits, and all over the pictures, too!

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Banana Games: The Release

April 21st, 2014


Simone and Lila are more than just friends; no wonder they are ready to be there for each other no matter what. One day, Simone is waiting impatiently for her friend to be released from jail. Born with a dick, Alex was sent to a maximum security prison for men, but she is about to be free again! While Alex is busy getting fucked by her cell mates, as her eighteenth birthday present, Simone remembers the wild things they used to do when they were both free…

Nurse Fetish – Fucking in the Doctor’s Office with TS Kendra Sinclaire

April 20th, 2014

More medical role play this week with the sexy, up and coming TS Dom, Kendra Sinclaire who convinces the rookie nurse to let her play doctor. The girls use the medical toys to get in a kinky mood for fucking. The lip spreading tool holds Becky’s pussy open for Kendra’s gloved hand to slip inside. She rubs her g-spot until Becky cums and is ready for her cock. Out from under the panties, comes Kendra’s hard penis and she uses it to probe all the way into Becky’s pussy. The sex is hot, Kendra’s cum shot is nice and thick and both girls have a sexy time exploring each other’s bodies.


Soon to be a pornstar shemale Geovanna Venus

April 19th, 2014

We have a hot new tgirl treat for you today and her name is Geovanna Venus, now that’s a pornstar name if I’ve ever heard one. Check out this petite young tgirl cutie show off her all natural body with a slow striptease and stroke that amazing tranny cock until she cums.


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The New Gaping Hole: When Your Model Application Becomes Reality

April 18th, 2014


Tony filled out his model application, took naked pictures of himself with his cock nice and hard and even went out and got tied up in a few other porn movies. He’s ready, he thinks. But how ready can you be for your fantasy to come to life?

The worst thing that could happen is that those vivid images that have driven every boner, every orgasm either alone or with someone else for so long, would finally become a reality but only to be a disappointment.
What if she doesn’t slap as hard as you dreamed, or her cock doesn’t stretch your hole in a way that made you feel totally helpless. Maybe she would not be able to pin you down with rope and domination enough to keep the intense feeling of udder submission on the tip of your tongue.
Yes that’s a fear, but not today. Not with Foxxy how will fuck you until your ass gapes and milk a load so big out of your hard cock that when she slips back into your ass hole to fuck you more you don’t even have time to think about anything else – everything is happening to your body and happening fast. It’s relentless and real and Foxxy’s hard cock is cumming all over you and she’s feeding you her cum and this is more than you could have EVER fantasized about, THIS is

Cowabunga an Awesome Orgy!

April 17th, 2014

April and Leonardo had been fuck buddies for a long time, and all of the other Ninja Turtles ne about their crazy sex sessions together so there was little shock or surprise when Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello all walked into the den to find the two of them at it like horny, passionate rabbits. However, rather than order his brother’s to leave he told them to line up against the wall, bend over and spread their asses and seeing as they always did what Leonardo asked, they did just that. April’s face lit up as Leonardo joined them, and she could see the four tight assholes spread in front of here. First she dropped to her knees and began licking their tight turtle butt holes out, one by one, fingering the next one in preparation as she buried her tonight deep between their cheeks. Then came fuck time and she chose to start with Raphael, slowly fucking him as he whimpered and moaned in pleasure. Then it was Michelangelo/s turn to take her cock and she fucked him nice and deep, as he also moaned and groan in pleasure, loving every second. Donatello was blushing and April could tell he was nervous so she was kind and slowly as she pushed her cock into his ass. She fucked him in a loving way and Donatello soon calmed down and began enjoying her cock huge tranny cock inside him. Last but not least was Leonardo and he made sure to show the other turtles just how to ride shemale cock, hard and fast! After all the fucking the turtles took turns sucking April’s cock as they jerked off, and when April and the turtles all came, the spunk flew everywhere, everyone seemed to get a drenching. After they had emptied their balls they relaxed the only way they knew how, by eating so delicious pizza.

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Ivory on Ebony Anal

April 14th, 2014

These two horny shemales couldn’t wait to get their hands and shecocks on each other. Alessandra and Kawana take turns sucking each others girl poles taking those rods as deep down their throats as they can. All that mouth teasing gets these t-girls ready for some serious ass fucking. They ride each others chick dicks and let the other pump their ass full of female shaft in every position they can come up with until they are squirting their creamy loads on each other.

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The Champagne Room – Her Hard Cock Touches the Dancer

April 13th, 2014

The connection between Eva and Juliette is electric from across the room. When Juliette leans down to give Eva a sexy lap dancer, her cock is already hard and pressing against Juliette’s ass. Juliette wants Eva’s cock in her mouth so badly and her pussy is dripping wet at the thought of Eva slipping inside her holes.
Eva does not disappoint. She tops Juliette,fucking her in doggie, missionary and pile driver before cumming a hot load on her face.
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Big cock fills her ass

April 12th, 2014

Here are two hot and horny babes that any guy would want to spend time with But they pack some big cocks under those short skirts and right now they’re going to ass fuck their brains out. Watch this hard and dirty shemale fuck fest and see how nasty two babes can get.

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